• COIL Parent Responsibilities to the Charter School

    Parents who enroll their children in the charter school will accept the responsibility of implementing their child's education plan at home with the support of a credentialed advisory teacher.

    Parents must be willing to:

    • Confer with the assigned, certificated COIL advisory teacher at preset intervals indicated on the Objectives by Subject form, understanding the dates indicated on the form are a priority and must be maintained to ensure quality education.
    • The certificated advisory teacher will monitor, re-evaluate, or redirect the assignments for continual optimal growth. 
    • Follow each designed educational plan and keep contemporaneous record on the Accountability Form.
    • Correct their student's work and tests. Corrections must be made prior to the meeting to guarantee adequate time for planning and evaluation.
    • Provide original work samples for student portfolios at each meeting with the Advisory Teacher at COIL.
    • Contribution to the charter school is encouraged. This time may be spent in a variety of ways: book orders, book processing, making phone calls, planning family excursions, teaching classes, etc.
    • Participate in the assessment process at the end of a semester and a formal testing evaluation required by the state.
    • Maintain communication with the COIL staff.
    • Participate in and plan voluntary event classes, parent excursions, and multi-family learning events to provide opportunities outside the family to develop social skills.