Circle of Independent Learning (COIL) is an independent study, personalized learning, publicly funded charter school for students in grades K-12. COIL opened its doors in September 1998 and is authorized by the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD). COIL provides successful educational alternatives to students within Alameda County and any adjoining county. Highly qualified California credentialed teachers are assigned to serve as Advisory Teachers for each student. The teacher facilitates a personalized learning plan; utilizing a wide variety of curriculum choices and onsite support labs to help each student achieve success.



    With a vision of “reaching the unique bent of genius in each of its students,” COIL’s mission is to provide a “circle of learning” where the student, parent, advisory teacher, and support staff work together to address the needs of each individual student. This model provides a personalized approach to education where students are led and mentored to discover their unique learning styles, academic goals, and mature into independent, lifelong learners.



    COIL is governed by a Governance Council comprised of parents, community members, and teachers. The Governance Council functions as COIL’s site based decision-making body. It meets monthly and is responsible for charter accountability and modifications, financial accountability, and for evaluating the effectiveness of the charter school. The Executive Director reports to the Governance Council.

    COIL is accredited through the Accrediting Commission within the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  WASC is a professional organization that periodically reviews the accreditation of its member schools.



    At COIL, the majority of learning is done outside of the classroom through independent study with the parent/guardian who is referred to as the “home educator”. This home educator works in cooperation with a supervising credentialed teacher (known as the Advisory Teacher) to determine the best curriculum for each individual student. The Advisory Teacher is responsible for the oversight of all courses, pacing, and grades. COIL has a large library with many options including textbooks (both student and teacher editions), workbooks, manipulatives, other hands-on items, and online courses to help the student learn in a way that fits their learning style best.
    Because learning is done through independent study, students are able to adjust their learning schedule to how they best succeed. The student and home educator will meet with the assigned Advisory Teacher every 1-2 weeks at our campus in Fremont, CA.
    COIL offers many different onsite labs. Enrollment in these labs are mostly optional, but can provide additional support and interaction for students. Some labs may be necessary to enroll and attend in order to to meet A-G requirements.