• Name:  Mary Jo Ip
    Grades: Secondary (Grades 7 - 12)
    Phone: 510-797-0100, ext 29302
    Welcome to COIL!  My job is to make school comfortable for you.  In order to do that, I welcome and encourage you to email or call me with any questions.  If my phone is off because I am meeting with a student, please leave a message.  My work hours are 10 to 4 every day.
    If you are working on your Beginning Packet, here are my suggestions:
    First, I recommend that you spend at least half of your time each day until we meet on the Language Arts portion of the packet.  The reason for this is that the activities in that section are activities that you will be doing anyway this year, in order to meet the  Standards for Language Arts.  The more you can complete now, the less work you will have later.
    My second suggestion is that you begin reading an appropriate novel of your choice.  You will be asked to read one novel per month, so it's smart to get a head start now.
    I hope this helps you get started.  I look forward to meeting you!
    Here is some more information about me:
    I have been an educator for over 30 years, most of it part time.  My first 10 years at COIL were full time, and I have been here since 2003.  I graduated from Cal State University Long Beach.  I have the following degrees and certificates:  Bachelor of Arts in English, Standard Secondary Teaching Credential in English, California Multiple Subjects credential, Master of Arts in Education, Library Services credential, Cross-Cultural and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate, and most recently I have been certified to teach GATE (gifted) students.
    You are welcome to read my collection of cards and letters from previous students if you would like to get impartial opinions about what I have done for them and how they feel about it.  Reading them instantly puts me in a good mood.  COIL's philosophy fits me perfectly as I am an idea person who loves to find the right match for each individual student, whether it be the right novel to read or the best way to learn what needs to be learned.  My philosophy is that the oral quizzing we do is sacred, as nothing shows more authentic learning than what travels from the student's brain out through the mouth.
    Besides being a classroom teacher, I have also been a school librarian.  My hobbies include reading, traveling, skiing and trying new things.
    "When you get out of your comfort zone, that is called the learning zone".