• The JP Scholarship Award 

    Donors:  Jay and Lisa Park, trustees of the Jason Park Living Hope Fund

    Background:  We truly believe that it is a blessing to GIVE more so than to receive!  Many of us have a heart for giving to others and worthy causes in order to make the world a better place.  It is this act of kindness, sharing, and love that encourages and lifts the human spirit.  Our son, Jason, had a kind, gentle, and generous spirit.  He often gave to the homeless in a very quiet and humble way.  He gave of his time to his closest friends and often gave encouraging words in his goofy, but cool manner.  In his honor, we are offering a scholarship award to a graduating senior with a plan, idea, or favorite cause that encourages or improves the human condition and spirit. For the most part, making a difference for a better world or in a person’s life ONLY requires, LOVE, time and effort.  But often times making an impactful difference also requires money.  Here is your opportunity to put your heart and mind into action and be an encouragement to the world!  The chosen recipient will receive a $1000 scholarship to go towards their educational endeavors and $1000 to go towards their cause in the student’s name!

    Who:  All COIL Graduating Seniors of the current school year

    What:  Education Scholarship Award - $1000.00 to the student + $1000.00 towards the student’s cause = Total of $2000.00.  The award recipient will be announced on graduation day.

    How:  Write a 500-1000 word essay describing the following……

    Theme:  If you had a $1000 to spend in a way that will make the world a better place or make a positive impact in a person or person’s life, how would you put that money to use?  Explain why you have chosen your cause or recipient and why this cause or person(s) is important to you.  This is a totally open-ended “Pay It Forward” scholarship.  You might have one, two, or many ideas on how you would use the $1000.00.  Just be sure to describe thoroughly and clearly the “how’s” and the “why’s” for each one.

    Judges:  Mrs. Park and members of the COIL staff

    Deadline Submission Date:  May of the current school year

    Please send essay submissions to Lisa Park at  lisalpark88@gmail.com